8 Reasons to Visit Volcano Bay

Summer is heating up in Orlando with the brand new opening of Volcano Bay. This impressive water park boasts a variety of attractions with the coolest designs and latest technology. Don’t hear about how great Volcano Bay was from a friend or family member, experience it yourself! Volcano Bay is a must for your summer travel bucket list and here are 8 reasons why.


1. Beat the Heat

The weather in Orlando during the months of July and August are quite hot with temperatures rising to high 80 degrees Fahrenheit. What better way to cool down and pack in the vitamin D than having a splashing day at one of Orlando’s most popular water park, Volcano Bay.

2. Krakatau Volcano

If you’re looking for a one-of-a-kind experience then Volcano Bay delivers on every level. Swim and gaze in awe at the spectacular Krakatau volcano that stands 200 feet tall above the park. Watch the volcano’s waterfalls transform into what appears to be lava flow with the help of lighting effects when night falls.

3. Rides

Whether you’re a thrill-seeker or just want to float away in a lazy river, Volcano Bay has your needs in mind. The water park features over 15 rides in 4 themed areas including Krakatua, Rainforest village, River village, and Wave village. If you’re brave enough, the Ko’okiri Body Plunge and Krakatua Aqua coaster are a must. The Ko’okiri Body Plunge features a 70-degree fall through a drop door and down 125 feet of slide through the center of the park’s volcano. The Krakatua is a unique multi-rider canoe slide that takes you through a journey of twists and turns within the volcano.

4. Volcano Bay’s Story

Don’t we all love a great story? A long time ago the Waturi Islanders were in search of a new home where they can live a care-free life. The Waturi people set sail and followed the mythical golden fish Kunuku, and soon discovered Volcano Bay. Every guest at Volcano Bay is encouraged to live the Waturi way which means less worrying and more fun and relaxation.

5. No Waiting!

One of the best perks of going to Volcano Bay is that there is no waiting around. The water park offers a wearable device named TapuTapu that allows you to reserve your spot for a ride ahead of time. So, less waiting and more playing! You can also pay for your food, open lockers, and more with the TapuTapu wristband.

6. Relax at Waturi Beach

The Wave Village will answer your dreams of relaxation and escape with warm crystal waters and sandy beaches. Go ahead, sit back and relax, it’s encouraged. Swim in sparkling waters of a large wave pool and float along to 9 different types of waves while admiring the 200-foot volcano.

7. Mouthwatering Food

Hungry from all the fun under the sun? Enjoy over 60 delicious menu selections that will surely make your belly feel full and happy. You can choose between six restaurants and bars that offer a variety of food options that fit perfectly with the Waturi’s culture and cuisine.

8. No More Carrying Rafts

Enjoy the Waturi way of living by saying goodbye to waiting in long lines and carrying rafts up and down the slides at Volcano Bay.


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